Ken left the Royal Air Force after 9 years where he was an Electrical Engineer. After leaving the RAF, he entered financial services in 1985. Following a successful start in Financial Services and then managing teams of Financial Advisers for 4 years, he set up the Abram Partnership on St. David’s Day, 1st March 1992.

Ken married Sue in 1989 and she is the Finance Director for the Abram Partnership.

Ken has a stepson Daniel Howell who is the Managing Director and a son James Abram who is also a Director.

Ken heads up the Abram Partnership Ltd as the Chairman and Financial Planning Director.

He is responsible for strategic decisions with his team. His main role is advising high net worth clients and business owners. Ken advises new businesses on formation of corporations and business structures.

Ken is the financial adviser chosen by many business owners, entrepreneurs and millionaires for quality, tax efficient, long term financial planning, investment advice, pension advice, retirement planning advice and tax advice.

Ken keeps fit by training four days each week. In his spare time, he is a volunteer observer where he coaches motorists to be better drivers and become advanced drivers with the Institute of Advanced Motorists.