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Planning and Preparing for Retirement

By James Abram | June 25, 2023

HELPING YOU ON THE WAY TO ACHIEVING YOUR IDEAL RETIREMENT LIFESTYLE Retirement planning can seem overwhelming, but with careful consideration and expert professional financial guidance, it should be a rewarding …

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Guide to Combining Pension Drawdown with an Annual Annuity

By James Abram | May 19, 2023

ENJOY A COMFORTABLE AND SUSTAINABLE RETIREMENT INCOME THAT GIVES YOU THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. A recent study has shown that millions of people in the UK are concerned about stock …

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The Principles of Growing Your Own Money

By James Abram | May 1, 2023

INVESTING TO BEAT INFLATION AND BUILD A NEST EGG FOR THE FUTURE.  Investing can be an intimidating and complex topic, but it doesn’t have to be with professional financial advice. …

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Guide to inheritance tax planning and passing on your wealth

Guide To Inheritance Tax Planning And Passing On Your Wealth

By James Abram | April 4, 2023

WHATEVER YOUR PLANS , THE RIGHT ADVICE CAN HELP BRING THEM TO LIFE Welcome to the Guide to Inheritance Tax Planning and Passing on Wealth. Planning for the future isn’t …

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Guide to setting up a future for my grandchildren

Guide To Setting Up A Future For My Grandchildren

By James Abram | March 25, 2023

UHOW TO GIVE THEM MORE OPPORTUNITIES FOR LIFE Investing in the future of your grandchildren is a great way to help them prepare for their financial needs in life. By …

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Guide to planning your retirement

Guide To Planning Your Retirement

By James Abram | March 20, 2023

WHY WAIT FOR TOMORROW? START PLANNING TODAY. Welcome to our Guide to Planning your Retirement, and How to Get There. Retirement planning shouldn’t be something you only consider when you’re …

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Smart Money Newsletter – Sept/Oct 2023

By James Abram | 20 September 2023

HOW BONDS’ STRUCTURE AND TAX ADVANTAGES CAN HELP YOU PASS ON WEALTH Welcome to our latest edition. In this issue, we look at investment bonds and explain how they offer …

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eSmart Money Newsletter July/August 2023

By James Abram | 15 July 2023

KEY STEPS TO ACHIEVING A COMFORTABLE RETIREMENT Welcome to our latest edition. In this issue, a comfortable retirement is a common financial goal, and contributing to a pension is essential …

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Smart Money Newsletter March/April 2023

By James Abram | 30 March 2023

MAKING THE RIGHT PREPARATION FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS Welcome to our latest edition. In this issue, financial planning can be a daunting and uncomfortable conversation for many, but thankfully attitudes towards …

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Smart Money Newsletter January/February 2023

By James Abram | 24 January 2023

TAXING TIMES. TIME FOR A TAX HEALTH CHECK? Welcome to our latest edition. With the current tax year having begun on 6 April 2022, the clock is ticking and it …

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Smart Money Newsletter November/December 2022

By James Abram | 30 November 2022

DON’T ABANDON PENSION CONTRIBUTIONS AS PRICES RISE Welcome to our latest edition. As the cost of living continues to soar, with inflation reaching a 40-year high, the impact on household …

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Smart Money Newsletter September/October 2022

By James Abram | 01 October 2022

COST-OF-LIVING CRISIS DELAYS HOMEOWNERSHIP, HAVING CHILDREN AND RETIREMENT Welcome to our latest edition. Rising living costs have been so significant in recent months that most UK households will have noticed …

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