Chris joined the company in September 2020, Chris has been working in the financial services industry for 12 years in a wide range of roles. Chris started in the Financial Services industry in 2008 joining AXA to work on their new ‘Wrap’ Platform , he quickly developed a passion for financial services, completing his exams to become a qualified financial adviser in 2016, the first in his team to do so. Upon being made redundant he pursued his passion for a financial advice and became an Adviser, deciding to join the Abram partnership in June 2020.

Chris has known the Abram Partnership team for over 6 years, having previously worked closely with Ken and the team as a platform consultant, as of such Chris knows the team very well and holds the same customer values as the Abram Partnership making a great addition to the team.

Chris is based in Bristol and his role is a financial adviser and mortgage adviser. Chris has a passion for helping clients work towards their objectives big and small with a particular interest in retirement planning and financial protection.

Chris married Gina in September 2011 after being together since 2007, Chris and Gina live in Kingswood, Bristol.

In Chris’s spare time he helps Gina run Adaptive Martial Arts a non-for-profit organisation teaching Martial Arts to people with disabilities. Chris is heavily involved in the day to day running of the business whether that being managing the finances, running the website and social media to helping teach sessions.

When Chris isn’t teaching with Gina he enjoys listening to music, aviation and spending time with his 4 house rabbits.